Parkinson’s Care

Compassionate Parkinson’s Care

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder which can cause simple, daily tasks to become much more difficult to accomplish—especially as the condition worsens. If a loved one has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you are probably starting to understand all the ways in which this degenerative brain condition can affect their quality of life. At Celebration Village, we understand this may be overwhelming and are here to help with an expert staff trained in the intricacies of Parkinson’s care.

When it’s time to turn to a network of professional caregivers who can offer ‘round-the-clock support and comprehensive Parkinson’s care, Celebration Village is here for you and your family. Beyond being Forsyth’s premier senior living community, we also offer a team of specially trained caregivers for those residents experiencing the life-altering effects of Parkinson’s disease. Our staff is committed to respecting and honoring each resident’s values and lifestyle, so they may provide personal, responsive Parkinson’s care in a safe and comfortable environment.

Celebrating and embracing every stage of life

Celebration Village provides our residents with a specialized level of Parkinson’s care for every stage of this disease — like offering innovative care solutions and catering to special dietary needs. This standard of care can help slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease and give residents the tools and routines they need to help them live a more fulfilled life. Our residents also focus on holistic wellness and personal growth through our innovative Masterpiece Living program, which provides a variety of opportunities shown to promote all four components of successful aging: physical, mental, social and spiritual.

When you’re ready, Celebration Village will help make this transition an easy one. Trust your loved one’s Parkinson’s care to us, and rest easy knowing they’re in good hands. Call today to arrange a tour.