Elderly care can help make the difference between growing and growing old.

Studies prove that the aging process is up to us. We can actually choose whether aging is a slow, gradual process – growing older day by day – or whether most of our senior years are active and full of purpose and happiness. Every day brings an opportunity to choose. Simply grow, or grow older.

While growing older results in a slow, steady decline over a period of time, growing is about learning, improving, trying new things, adopting healthier habits, and embracing certain attitudes, attachments, and emotions towards life. Regardless of age, people who choose to grow are experiencing a life that is meaningful, enjoyable and exciting. When given the resources and opportunities to grow – which are often provided through programming in different levels of elderly care, we can re-write the process of aging in astonishing ways.

Choosing to grow rather than grow older can amount to years of quality time doing the things we enjoy most and spending time with family and friends. Thanks to a 10-year study funded by the MacArthur Foundation, we can now say this is a proven fact. This groundbreaking research proved that 70% of the way you age physically and 50% of how you age mentally is dependent on lifestyle and the choices you make, rather than genetics. This means everything from your activities to your social connections to your stress level can be major factors in how quickly you age. Further, the Successful Aging study determined the best practices to help seniors live longer, healthier and happier lives. It all comes down to ‘living life to the fullest,’ and providing ourselves the perfect environment to do so by making the best possible choice in elderly care when the time comes.

From this study, Masterpiece Living was born. Masterpiece Living is a research-based lifestyle program available to senior living communities nationwide and designed to bring participants an exclusive approach to a lifestyle of whole-person wellness. Further, Masterpiece Living communities can receive a certification as a Center for Successful Aging but must meet rigorous criteria in six major areas – including Culture, Leadership, Employee and Resident Engagement, Purposeful Programming and Outreach. Only a handful of communities in the country have this distinction today, and Celebration Village is proud to provide a holistic approach to elderly care as an accredited Masterpiece Living senior living community.

So what does a certified Masterpiece Living community look like?

  • A community-wide culture that promotes growth much like a university
  • Measurement and feedback tools for residents’ individual growth
  • Successful Aging Coaching provided through guidance and assistance
  • Purposeful programming to reduce aging risks
  • Adaptive levels for all of the above

Simply put, this is an environment where successful aging – at any age or circumstance – is possible, giving us all the ability to choose how we age.